Posted by: graphiclucidity | October 11, 2009

the federal reserve (or: how to f69k a country, and the world, if you really try)

Excellent video explaining the creation and (true) purpose of the Federal Reserve System of the United States.

For a entity whose sole purpose is to regulate the money supply and prevent economic instability within the system it’s sure done one hell of a great job since its inception in 1913… hasn’t it?

Watch this 42 minute program, and you be the judge.
It is, after all, your money. And as the global reserve currency, the U.S. dollar is also, in a very real sense, the entire world’s currency.

I can’t embed this Google Video for some odd reason so the video link is here.
G Edward Griffin – Creature From Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve
(wiki link with more information)

While watching, notice please that this film was produced in 1993. Griffin explains to you what the Fed has done in the past and what it is doing now. Essentially a banking cartel, alligned with the federal government, has, is currently, and will again: privatize any banking profits and socialize as much banking losses as possible. “Socialize” in this instance means that all U.S. taxpayers pay the bill when these “brilliant, M.B.A. holding,  ‘titans of financial genius,’ elite, movers &  shakers” etc. etc. ad nauseam, i.e. egotistical moronic clowns screw the pooch.
Now we’ve all been left holding the bag again.

And if you believe anything coming out of the mouths of Bernanke, Geithner, Obama, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Nancy Pelosi or any of the corrupt fools in banking, media, and government about the current “Great Recession” and how we’re ‘coming out of it’ … you’re just as much a fool as they are – wise up.

At best, they’ve managed to, once again, punt the problem down the field for several years, leading to a more severe crisis once the wall is reached. Then we’ll see the results of their disastrous games of chance  and it will not be pretty.

In the happy-ish medium, they’ve managed to send the United States economy into a Japan style Lost Decade which that country is still not fully recovered from and is in even worse trouble now due to the current situation.

At worst, our big-brained egos in D.C. and N.Y.C. have plunged this nation into a situation so dire that we may see a repeat of the Great Depression. Only this time we’re approximately $13 trillion dollars in debt (plus around $50-65 trillion in ‘unfunded liabilities’ – but hey, who’s counting??). We could also count on hyperinflation due to the destruction of the dollar. Our inability to pay off the bonds and notes put us into never-before charted territory of economic ruin.

If all of this doesn’t sound the least bit worrisome to you I’d suggest you check out some history:

Weimar RepublicCrisis of the Third Century

Don’t ever think that just because We’re America! that it can never happen here because it’s never occured in our lifetimes. It has happened before (here and here and here – as just a few examples), it can happen again, and all the indicators, historical references, and odds point to it happening… soon.

Oh, and don’t think going back to the gold standard can somehow save us and prevent this from happening again.
I like Ron Paul as much as the next guy, but this isn’t a problem with fiat currency vs. gold standard. The problem we have is a small, elite, un-regulated, un-governered, cabal of bankers and their minions controlling the money supply to their own advantage and forcing US to pay for their fuck-ups by virtue of their unlimited power and influence within the federal government.

Fuck that and fuck them.
(pardon my french. no. on second thought. don’t pardon it – if anybody deserves cursing, it’s these assholes.)
The time has come to wake up people and realize that you’ve only had a very small taste of being screwed over recently. These cretins haven’t even begun to ream us all – and now the entire world is going to come along for the ride.
Wait until the bond markets force government services & payouts down and government taxes & fees up.

Well… by then we might really see some BIG fireworks and not just a few tea parties or pissed off Grandpas & Grandmas at Town Hall meetings on Healthcare.

So from the bottom of my ever-loving heart:
Thanks FED!
Love Ya for all you’ve done and all the ways you’ve done it to me and all of my 300 million friends (without lube)!

God help us all if, after the smoke clears when this is all over, we ever let another group of bankers anywhere near the seat of power again.

That is… if any of us are left after World War III.

(sorry I wasn’t so cheery here people, but ya know… realism isn’t always sweet, and the truth is hardly ever pretty.)

Until next time: Peace.


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