Posted by: graphiclucidity | August 4, 2009

listen to the music

I wondered recently about what an alien would encounter first upon discovering Earth and her inhabitants.

A technologically advanced alien explorer would first come across images and sounds from our media that have been broadcast across the universe in radio waves for nearly a century. These broadcasts would be a first taste of humanity. Streaming bits of history in the form of news, films, television shows, sports, and music.

E.T. would get plenty of music.

Music pouring from everywhere, from the satellites and the radio-waves, the bars and the clubs, homes and cars, businesses and churches. Music echoes from every part of the planet all at once, continuously, creating a symphony of creativity in rhythmic, melodic, sound, that is so unique to mankind.

If they’re out there, I hope the martians have a little soul, and a lot of rhythm.

They’d deserve to hear about the best of humanity in our sound. Music is the art form which expresses, in the most heartfelt and honest ways, the human condition and all the pain, suffering, trials, tribulations, love and joy which that entails. In essence, humans sing & dance to the music of their shared eternal story – the soundtrack of our own lives and the world’s.

We should all share the common love of music more.
Close our eyes, and listen… listen.
No talking, no thinking, no judging… just listen.
Like an alien would.

So here’s one for all the strangers among us.
I hope they enjoy it as much as I do.

Telepopmusik – Breathe
(thanks @davislove)


  1. You’re quite welcome. This is a beautiful song. I love it.

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