Posted by: graphiclucidity | July 28, 2009

republic or oligarchy, the choice is ours.

After the completion of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 a certain Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin the following question –
“Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”
Franklin, in his typical wise & understated fashion, responded:
“A republic, if you can keep it.”

Ladies and gentleman, I now ask you to ponder that statement and ask yourselves, did we keep it?

Personally, I would maintain that if we haven’t already lost our republic, we have certainly come close to it and are proceeding towards that inevitable occurrence with every passing year.

This is not a recent phenomenon. We didn’t start down this path under Obama, Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41, or Reagan. Nor did our slow jog towards oligarchy begin with the modern imperial presidencies of JFK, LBJ, or Nixon. The  progressive movement beginning with Teddy Roosevelt through Woodrow Wilson and the eventual crowning of Franklin Roosevelt and his quasi-socialist “New Deal” were not the seeds of our current discontent either.

No, it started much earlier, I believe, with the era immediately preceding, during, and after, that most tumultuous and painful of eras in the short history of the United States: The Civil War.

It was during this crucial time-frame that the oligarchic elites of the industrial North and the oligarchic elites of the agrarian South plunged this nation into its darkest & bloodiest years in a battle for control of the seat of power and the reins of control in Washington, D.C. We have never fully recovered from the scars, both social & political, on the national psyche left behind in the Civil War’s wake. And we have certainly never fully regained the true republic we once had before that horrible war firmly placed the primacy of the federal government above those of the individual states, and the rule of law itself.

America lost more than her innocence in 1861; she also lost the entire foundations of her liberty and much of the, until then, well-established framework which kept those liberties intact, and the government, itself, in check.

While the basic elements and hidden power of the aristocratic oligarchy did, indeed, exist in our republic before the Civil War, it was this period that firmly cemented those unseen hands’ control of our nation.

The video below will explain, in much more detail, of what I speak of. It will also clear away the mass confusion we have today over what governments truly are, and what they cannot possibly be.

In essence, we have only two real choices:
Oligarchy = Tyranny.
Republic = Liberty.

Mr. Franklin, it does appear that we were not able to keep the republic that you and your brethren fought to conceive.

Do you think we still have the inner strength and will to reclaim it?

Many thanks to Dollarisdead09 for the YouTube upload and to Carlos Miller @ Photography Is Not A Crime for the heads up.



  1. Hi! I agree with your analysis of the history of the states. I came at the question from an interest in genealogy and was struck that ofthe 43 presidents (Grover Cleveland served twice in two non-sequential presidentcies) 28 are related by blood mariage or adoption. So with that in mind I would push the establishment of the oligarchy further back than the civil war. Indeed it predates the states themselves as – in my contention – it is a seventeenth and eighteenth century invention. I have a blog at which takes these thoughts further if youd care to visit. Thanks

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