Posted by: graphiclucidity | July 22, 2009

the century of the self

Feel like you’re nothing but a walking cash machine for corporations?
When Nike said “Just Do It.” did you run out and Do It exactly the way they wanted you to?
Yet you could never jump and dunk that basketball quite like Mike, could you?
Yeah, my Air Jordan’s didn’t work right either.

This is the best film I’ve ever seen about the progression and synthesis of marketing, public relations, advertising, psychoanalysis over the 20th century, and how, once combined in a common effort of government propaganda; these separate ideas & techniques have taken over our world and reduced us all to the role of happy consumer.

This is the road we took to find our perfect “selves.”
And in the end, we may lose forever what it has always meant to be human.

The Century of the Self @ wikipedia

The Trailer (via YouTube) –

Entire film in four parts (via Google Video) –

Part 1 – Happiness Machines

Part 2 – The Engineering of Consent

Part 3 – There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed

Part 4 – Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering

If you don’t take the four hours out of your life to watch this entire film – you’re an idiot.

It will either enlighten you or confirm to you everything you’ve ever thought & felt about modern consumer culture, but could never put into words because you didn’t have the history or the answers that knowledge brings.

From the bottom of my heart, much gratitude and many thanks to you Adam Curtis.


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