Posted by: graphiclucidity | July 22, 2009

drowning in the alphabet soup

The century-long hubris of both political parties, combined with the far left’s worship of collectivism and the far right’s worship of mob rule along with the mass-media’s need for horse-race coverage to stoke those fires and make as much money as possible from the inferno will end in the permanent and irreversible balkanization of this once great republic.

Of this; I have no doubts.

We are no longer a nation ruled by a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

We are, instead, ruled by a consortium of alphabet groups whose only true goal is power and self-preservation while our minds are soothed, distracted, controlled, and exploited by these entities with the help of their propaganda & public relations arms.


These are the small, self-interested, disparate, groups that own America. They rule our government, and destroy our Constitution to their own benefit. These are the businesses that are the top-rated, most powerful, most influential. All are, in essence, subsidiaries of USA, Incorporated.

Wreaking total havoc with all of their divide to conquer tactics in plain sight is the modus operandi. It’s not some grand conspiracy directed and controlled by some nefarious ringleader, mind you. It is, however, an unsaid, never talked about,  conspiracy of the powerful & wealthy and politically connected. What we have here, ladies & gentleman, is an oligarchy of aristocracy which is aided, abetted, and allowed to continue by subtle force, subtle manipulation, and stoic silence through common denial of the obvious.

Millions upon millions of citizens are sucked into the outrageous lies and partisan maneuvering on a minute by minute basis thanks to the 24-hour news cycle that can never stop long enough to ponder & think because it’s too busy trying to lead & win in the ratings of the mis-information age.

The rest of the millions are living in a permanent walking zombie state of the sleeping dead. They wander aimlessly about with mesmerized looks of enthralled bliss in their eyes as they salivate over another movie star, rock star, sports star, reality TV star, saving or borrowing or stealing to get a new pair of $200 shoes, or some cool new techno-gadget to replace their lost sense of self & identity with the cold, golden, embrace of selfish materialism disguised as our economic savior: consumerism.

“At least it makes me happy and shows the world who I am as an individual.”
Um, yeah, sure it does. At least… that’s what the soup tells you to think.
They’re pretty good at this public relations/marketing/advertising thing, ya know?
They’ve been practicing it for a hundred years now.

Can we wake up from this media-induced dream… before it becomes a nightmare?

Our souls have been captured by a false sense of worth based not on who we are and what our beliefs & actions say about our individual lives, but by whatever prideful arrogance we can obtain through the belief that whoever has the most toys – wins.

Judged by what we own, we are now slaves to our own possessions.

We certainly don’t own our country now. Many of us certainly do not own our own selves. The alphabet soup now controls it all.

And now we’ve severely blundered by deluding ourselves into allowing this incredible non-stop machine of lies to be headed up by a man and his crew from the depths of corrupt Chicago with the biggest cult of personality seen since FDR, and he only wishes he had had it so good.

But hey, he gives a pretty speech. Vote him in and let the fantasy begin. After all, in the age of pretty lies wrapped up in smooth production techniques and gripping dramatic plot-lines; we may as well go for the best entertainment we can pay for.

Well we voted for the best TV show we could get in 2008.
We’ve taken the un-realistic fantasy world of “Reality TV” and turned the government into American Idol. We should have saved billion$ on election day and just TXT’d in our votes.

If I would have voted on just such criteria alone, Obama was clearly the best contestant on the stage last year. There’s no doubt there. We wanted a good showman, and we got one. It just occurs to me that there isn’t much difference between a television showman and a used car salesman; other than a better smile, a better suit of clothes, and a bit pricier cologne & breath mints to hide the smell of B.S. I’ve never liked car salesmen, hell any salesmen. Politicians are nothing but salesmen with law degrees.

“What can I do to put you into some Hope & Change today?” <big smile>

McCain just didn’t have the ability to hit those high notes right when he was out on the stage with the mic in his hand belting out those old tunes like Sinatra or Elvis. Ol’ John couldn’t quite get a handle on putting a little bit of flash & flair into his act to pull in the younger demographic. If he’d only gone anorexic, grew his hair long, stopped shaving, put on a little white make-up, or wore a mask like Marilyn Manson / Slipknot he might have gotten some positive attention. But alas; he also didn’t have the right metrosexual, over-dramatic, media-mirrored coolness and allure to haul in the MTV crowd. So he picked Palin for some sparkle, the media destroyed her, and in the end the kids convinced their parents that “Hope & Change” was the only solution.

Well I’m here to tell you kiddies –
A slogan is never a solution.  It is simply a sales technique. It is propaganda.

Besides, between Obama & McCain, there wasn’t really much of a difference.
No matter who won – we all lost. Myself, I refused to vote in this sham. And I’m consistent at least… I refuse to believe in or participate in American Idol either. Star Search was cool though, when I was like ten years old.

The alphabet soup loves it when people like me tune out, turn on to myself, and drop out of their hamster-wheel. No use trying to market to somebody who refuses to be marketed to. You gotta run the con on the gullible and the easily manipulated, you see.

No worries though. They’ve still got plenty of marks to make.
They’ve still got millions of young minds to mold.
They’ve yet to complete their vision for a never-ending, control-freak, top-down, corpostate-utopia.
You’ll come along and cooperate.
Whether you like it, or not.

The soup’s only collective aim is to add a little power, control, and $$$ to their own stew…. with you all as the cooks and waiters (who they may invite in for a little taste if they deem you worthy enough in your boot-licking).

You’re all getting reamed, and many of you happily so. Just like you’ve been getting reamed for a century or more.

You are now slave labor for USA, Inc. and that corporation is in so much debt it is now merging with other compatible & comparable corporations to finally become the elite banking classes wet-dream: United Nations, Inc.

I am not talking socialism or communism or fascism here. What I am explaining to you is ELITISM-OLIGARCHY-KLEPTOCRACY-CORPORATISM-STATISM and the fact that less than 1% of the population control the entire planet. These elites enrich themselves and benefit from the enforced slavery & lifetime servitude of the other 99% of US – the PEONS.

The debt that hundreds of nation-state-corporations have accumulated through the fiat money systems implemented on the world in the last several centuries is not your debt. It is the debt of those corporations and the responsibility of the 1% elite which invented that debt to begin with. It is a sort of socialism – socialism for the wealthy elite and their sycophantic, over-educated, slave-masters.

But keep on ridiculing, chest-beating, and fighting with each other over partisan political nonsense, ideological pipe-dreams, class warfare, sexual ‘freedoms,” and race/ethnic/religious/gender based discrimination while the people on top carry on screwing over all of us.

Keep being distracted by what they make you be distracted by.
Turn on that TV and let them soothe you right into oblivion.

Laugh it up. Mob it up. Fun it up. F69k it up.
Because the alphabet soups know exactly who’s having the last laugh.

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